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                               TED : ---- Also called ------
Thyroid Eye Disease
Exophthalmos in Graves Disease
Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy ( TAO )
Ophthalmic Graves Disease
Graves Disease Ophthalmopathy ( GDO )
Inflammatory Eye Disease
Graves Eye Disease
Endocrine Orbitopathy
                                TED : ---- Cases To Note : --
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                      FOR  TEDCURE


I am Dr. P. D. Gupta. -- a qualified Medical Graduate.  I have made a sensational Discovery in the treatment of THYROID EYE DISEASE ( TED), also known as EXOPHTHALMOS, ranging from simple Eye-lid spasm to all the way upto severe inflammations of Orbital contents, including inflammatory changes around the Eyes.

I had suffered from this disease since 1986. Right from this time, it has taken me 14 years to accomplish this task. And, with this, I am able to cure my both bulging-out  Eye-balls to a near normal, in just less than 12 months.



Thyroid Eye Disease ( TED ) is an Auto-Immune Inflammatory Disorder. The main root-cause of this disease is the ‘accumulated culprit’ ---- the Retrobulbar tissue infiltrate ---- lying in between the ‘Ball & Bone’, arising as a result of the ongoing inflammation. Also, here, inflammatory changes occur in the external / open part of the Eyes, and around the Eyes (in some cases). For this, the effects of eco - friendly forces of NATURE are made use of, which have been found to be excellent anti-inflammatory & totally safe in this disease. This is a non-medicinal method , and is highly scientific , rational & results - oriented .

Here, the effects of 2 forces of Nature , are made use of , which are absorbed in already existing Medicines ------ like in Extract of Morus alba / OR in Extract of Cardamom , in Oral Homoeopathic Globules , in Lubricating Eye Drops , in Eye Ointments , etc. (It is LIKE absorbing the ‘Moon-rays’ in any Medicines , and then its subsequent application / adminstration in the body, for its effect i.e. for the beneficial effect of the ‘absorbed 'Moon-rays'----- the already existing Medicines act as mere carriers of the Naturopathy force/ effect, and do not have any actions of their own ).

Thus, here, Remedies containing ‘Naturopathy effect’ are prepared for each part, stage & segment of the disease like :--

1.    Eye Drops = For dry, gritty Eyes.

( has mild local action )

2.    Eye Ointment = I)  For swelling around (below) Eyes.

II) For swelling on Eye-lids    (only localised )

III) For restoring normal Eye-lid functions.

( has good local action )

3.    Oil for Scalp

( only for very large
  Eye protrusion cases. )

 ( Given sparingly )
= I)  For release of tension in Scalp (Head) muscles.

II) For allaying bad psychological feeling.

4.    Oral Liquid Remedy
= For TED Inflammations.
Removes Retrobulbar tissue infiltrate.

( has excellent systemic action )

5.    Oral Pills Remedy
= Enhances effect of Oral Liquid Medicine (Type - I).
Has normalising actions on body and Thyroi

( has excellent systemic action )

6.    Oral Liquid Remedy
= For weak, over - stretched Extra-ocular muscles 
& other structures when Eye-balls go 
back into  Eye - sockets.

( has excellent systemic action )


      And, this treatment is SUPPORTED by Eye care  &  Eye-balls exercises.

The above said treatment is of INACTIVE form of TED i.e when the disease ( inflammatory process ) has become stationary. However,in cases with changing Eye signs i.e. the ACTIVE form of TED, and in TED cases having REDUCED - ACTIVITY (slowed down inflammatory process ), this treatment gives equally ASTOUNDING/ REMARKABLE results.

            This is an excellent treatment for all Types & Forms of TED.

Moreover, it cures all such cases where organic tissue damage (fibrosis) has not occured.

Must  Always  Maintain  Normal  Thyroid  Status
( by any available means )

NOTE : -------

Graves Disease can result in some unwanted complications ( see Part 4 of my web-site ). If you have any such problem, MUST inform before taking TED Treatment.
The total duration of treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease ranges from a couple of months to some months ( usually for about 4 - 6 months ), depending chiefly upon the length of the disease and strength of the patient--- 

                   -- the longer the disease duration, the larger will be the total
                            treatment period.

        After this stipulated treatment period, this Naturopathy treatment is stopped.

Different cases take different time for seeing convincing results. Usually, everybody does find satisfactory results within 10 weeks of the start of this treatment. However, in many early cases,the results are usually / oftenly  evident just within 1 month of the start of this treatment.

                In different cases,  the cure is achieved in different periods.

The cure , thus achieved , is of permanent nature , and lasts life-long after stopping the treatment .

The right appropriate time to start this TED treatment is when your Thyroid functions come under due effective control -------- with / without drugs.

This treatment effectively removes Auto-immune Inflammations in TED, Including ANTITHYROID ANTIBODIES.  Hence, it has shown excellent results in all forms of TED cases viz : 

(I)     TED in Hyper-functioning  Thyroid, including progressive
with impending  threat to vision loss
                       ( used after Thyroidectomy & after stopping progression. )

              (II)    TED in Hypo-functioning Thyroid. 

              (III)   TED in Normal-functioning Thyroid.


                      TED of different severities 

                 It does so by acting solely through the blood stream.

This treatment involves the use of  Naturopathy  force. In simple words , it may be said that it is like exposing a COKE  FILLED & CORKED bottle to 'Sun-rays', and then consuming the treated liquid for the beneficial effect of the absorbed 'Sun-rays' . Hence , it is the effect of Naturopathy force in the treated liquid which treats and cures.
This treatment also  does help in the effective control of  Thyrotoxicosis part of  Graves Disease, but  along with Anti-Thyroid drugs. Hence, this Natural Remedy stands par excellence for curing TED ( Eye condition ) only , and is not for the Thyroid -------- the Thyroid functions are needed to be kept normal by other available means.
This is a non-medicinal method  , totally safe and result - oriented
This treatment goes well even if the patient is taking any Remedy ---- ALLOPATHIC/ HERBAL/ OTEHRS ---- for the control of Thyroid Disorder, OR for any other ailment in the body like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc.
Steroids are a hindrance to the effect of this Remedy. So, if you are taking them, then you MUST STOP STEROIDS first, and only then opt for this Remedy / Treatment.

Steroids -------even in low doses -------surely cause numerous unwanted side-effects. I provide a totally safe Naturopathic Remedy :

                                       Oral Liquid Medicine
                          (to be taken for about 4 months or so)

                                 by the use of which you can surely & safely , but slowly and slowly,
                                 taper down/ stop Steroids without any problem whatsoever .
Radio - active -Iodine & TED : -----

It is well documented that ---------

            TED develops more frequently following Radio- active- Iodine treatment for
            over-active Thyroid


            Pre-existing TED deteriorates following use of Radio-active-Iodine.

I provide a totally safe Naturopathic Remedy -----

                                        Oral liquid Remedy
                               ( to be used  only  for 10 weeks )

           Its use practically eliminates the possibility of TED.
Pregnant TED cases : -------------

       Best used after delivery. Eye Ointment and / OR Eye Drops can, however,
       be used with advantage, during pregnancy.
This is an Out-Patient-Door treatment, and the person is made free in about 30 minutes time. As the Diagnosis of TED is a clear-cut  one, usually NO TESTS ARE DONE.
The Bottom Line : -------------

        For TEDCURE Remedies to act, Metabolism of the body and Normal Thyroid functions MUST
        go hand-in-hand.
I Provide, ready-to-use Remedy containing  Naturopathy effect, to my cases.


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